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We are Brisbane’s most experienced
Buyer’s Agents for prestige home buyers & investors

Founded in 2003 by respected and highly sought after Brisbane Buyer’s Agent Meighan Wells, Property Pursuit Advisors has strategically grown into the agency of choice for prestige home buyers and investors.  With the reputation of being the most experienced, professional and respected Buyer’s Agents in Brisbane, PPA has helped over 1000 clients purchase over $850m in property – saving those clients more than $63m off their budgets.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth local knowledge and focus on sourcing quality property at the right price.  Our team has over 100 years collective experience in the property sector across:

  • Buyer’s Agency
  • Valuation
  • Construction & engineering
  • Contract management
  • Auctions and sales
  • Repatriation of Australians
  • Relocations to Brisbane – national and international
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Whether you’re ready to take the leap and purchase your first home, searching for the next abode for your changing family, returning home to Australia from a stint abroad, simply looking to grow your property portfolio….or something else entirely! Think of us as your Real Estate Buying Agent.

Whatever type of property you’re in pursuit of, our team has the knowledge, experience and network to help find the perfect property for you.

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We are Brisbane’s most trusted and  most experienced Buyer’s Agents, committed to finding the ideal property at the best price with minimal disruption to your busy lifestyle.  We have a 20 year proven track record of helping home buyers and property investors find the right property for their needs and financial goals.

Property Log

Your Dedicated Property Portal

When working with Property Pursuit, you willl have access to your own custom property portal with a curated list of properties for review. Accessible whenever and from wherever you like!

Just another benefit from Property Pursuit!

Why use a
Buyer’s Agent?

  • Access to more properties, including off-market properties
  • Rely on a tried and tested process to guide your journey more efficiently
  • Local area expertise to help you find the best property
  • Invest less of your time
  • Enjoy a stress-free process
  • Independent, professional representation
  • Pay the right price for properties

Why use
a Brisbane
Buyer’s Agent?

  • Access to more properties, including pre-market and off-market properties.  We put you ahead of the other buyers in this highly competitive market.
  • Rely on a tried and tested process to guide your journey more efficiently.  We help manage your risk and improve your chance of success.
  • Local area expertise to help you find the best property.  We have boots (and heels) on the ground.  We know the area, the street, the house.  The positives and the negatives.
  • Invest less of your time.  You get on with your life, take that holiday, be at the school events. Focus on you and your family while we do the hard work.
  • Enjoy a stress-free process.  We know the property process in Queensland. Our processes, experience and connections ensure your journey is well managed so you are in control of your decisions.
  • Independent, professional representation. We have the right relationships to get you the right outcome. Your needs are our priority.
  • Pay the right price for properties.  Our extensive team experience across valuation, due diligence negotiation and auction strategy ensure you pay the right price.

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