7 reasons to keep up the search

Welcome to 2017! Whilst houses are not included in the Boxing Day sales, the Christmas / New Year period can be a great time to buy a good quality property at a good price. In past years we have purchased properties all the way through including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve!

  1.  Less buyers – 2015 was a really hard year for property buyers but 2016 has been a little kinder. There has been so much competition for limited properties that some buyers are just plain tired. So while everyone else is taking a rest, we will be making offers on properties without very little competition.
  2.  More off market options – real estate agents already know which owners are going to sell in the New Year. When we talk to agents we get to find out about these before they are listed publicly.
  3.  Less pressure to act quickly – with most buyers resting and therefore less competition, this gives us a far better opportunity to negotiate effectively without pressure from other buyers.
  4.  Opportunity to structure a deal – the December/January period can place a lot of strain on sellers. It may be an interstate move for work, the need to settle children into a new school or absence for family holiday that distracts them from the sale for their property. Understanding these strains and structuring the terms of an offer to suit the seller can save you a lot of money.
  5.  Plenty of time to enjoy your new pool for the rest of summer – the warm weather does last well into April in Brisbane but this is definitely the best time of the year for swimming!
  6.  Settlement can take place before the new school year begins – the usual settlement terms in Queensland are 30 days from the date of the contract. If you have children and want to be settled in your new home before the school year starts then you need to be purchasing before 30 December 2016.
  7.  Settlement will occur in the peak rental period – for investors it is important to be negotiating leases in the peak rental periods during the year. Mid-January to mid-February is historically the best time of year to be looking for new tenants.

We will be hard at work throughout December / January so if you want to keep up the search while you are enjoying your time off, get our team on the hunt.

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