Are You Looking to Buy Property in Brisbane?

Do you already live in sunny Brisbane and want a new home? Or are you looking to move to this lovely city in Queensland? The city’s economy is booming, with workers in health, tourism, manufacturing, and retail in demand. Away from the thriving central business district, you’ll find laid-back, charming suburbs and pleasant landscapes. If you’re looking to buy property Brisbane, here are a couple of helpful hints to consider.

Have a Plan in Place

If you plan to buy property Brisbane, here’s a piece of good news. While property prices in Sydney and Melbourne continue to skyrocket, Brisbane’s property market is inviting. But, as with all property investments, getting an in-depth, holistic understanding of the area is key to making good decisions.

It can be helpful to check out the Brisbane City Plan to help you find the perfect property for your situation. The plan was created in 2014 and shows how the land in Brisbane can be used. This plan is available online and has interactive mapping tools and fact sheets that outline pertinent data on overland flows, flooding, local zoning, and designations. The information also includes planning restrictions and relaxations.

Prepare a Budget

Just like buying property anywhere else, the home-shopping experience in Brisbane is full of costs you may not initially consider. These expenses include inspections and land survey fees, stamp duty, broker fees, conveyance, application fees, valuation and settlement costs, insurance, and maintenance fees.

If you are planning to buy property to rent out in booming Brisbane, ensure you include property management fees or charges and enough cash to cover your mortgage if tenants are late in paying the rent.

Consider Proximity to Schools

When planning to buy property Brisbane, keep in mind that state schools are one of the most crucial aspects of finding the best investment property in this city. The areas where the best schools are situated have a significant influence on housing prices.

For example, suburbs like South Brisbane and West End are a big part of the Brisbane State High School area. This school is one of the state’s premier schools, and the neighbourhoods have seen higher property prices than the surrounding suburbs.

Understand How the Weather Impacts Homes

Like in other areas, the weather and temperatures impact features you may want to consider when looking for a property. A simple example of this is that air conditioning is a must in the city as it can get warm. Also, winter in the city is mild, giving people in Brisbane many opportunities for outdoor entertainment. Homes with outdoor spaces, like decks and patios, can be an advantage. Keep these factors in mind when deciding to buy property Brisbane.

The Queensland Style is Different

If you’re looking for character homes, they’ll be different from anything you’ll find in other cities like Melbourne or Sydney. The city’s most popular character homes are raised on stumps, often with timber walls and a tin roof.

This iconic style is prized and sought-after in the city’s property market, despite the additional maintenance expenses. Many character homes are also located in the hills, which are part of Brisbane’s charm. The hills offer airflow, improved natural light, and stunning sunset vantage points.

If you plan to buy property Brisbane, make sure you keep these helpful hints in mind. They will ensure you have a smoother, better time shopping for homes or investment properties.