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As Australians living overseas, the CG family were struggling with the process of purchasing in Brisbane during a rapidly rising market.  Fearing they would be left behind they reach out to us to move their plans forward.

“As a young Australian family living overseas with little knowledge in real estate, buying an investment property in Australia for the first time was something that we found very difficult to achieve.

However, the good fortune smiled at us when Nathan and I connected via LinkedIn early in 2020. At that point, I realized that the services provided by Property Pursuit could be the alternative for us to navigate through such a task.

And we made no mistake; Property Pursuit turned out to be exactly what we were looking for; trustful, professional, knowledgeable and committed to meet our expectations.

Nathan and his team mapped out the process for us transparently and kept constant communication all the way through.

In the end, Property Pursuit managed to find and secure in a crazy market a lovely property on time and under our budget.

They deserve all the credit!

We look forward to engaging with them to get back to the real estate game in the future.”

CG Family


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