John | Intrastate Owner Occupier

“This is the second time I have bought a property through Property Pursuit and on both occasions I was asked “Why do you need a buyer’s agent?”- usually by people who see themselves as real estate gurus of sorts.

Well, the first reason is that I am no real estate guru. Nor is my brain geared up to become one, either. I suspect I am in the majority.

The other reasons are probably best illustrated by my story. The first property I purchased through Property Pursuit was an investment property with specific requirements in Brisbane. I don’t live there and whilst I knew what suburbs I liked, that is where my knowledge of the real estate market ended.

Meighan listened to my needs and reasons for the purchase and guided me initially through a range of potential suburbs before settling on one that suited best. I ended up buying a townhouse which suited my needs perfectly.

Two years down the track, the market has slumped but the bank recently valued it at 5.6% above what I paid for it- certainly promising for future growth.

The second property I bought through Property Pursuit was my new home. The property is outside of Brisbane and Meighan agreed to assist on the basis that I was a previous client. Because I knew the area well, I had identified specific streets of interest as well as a specific house that I thought was fabulous but had some slight reservations about the street and layout. I was going to be both selling and buying in the same market and was keen not to make the kind of errors that I made when purchasing my first home which I had done alone. In this case, the reason for engaging a buyer’s agent was not so much to “find” the house because I was able to do that. What I needed was Meighan’s guidance and expertise to help me decide on which house, to establish a price and do the negotiations.

After Meighan gently steered me away from that initial house I had my eye on, I ended up purchasing a house which suits my needs very well, on my No.1 preferred street and at $50K less than the selling price of the other house.

In basic up-front dollar terms, I am pretty sure that I recouped the fees simply because I’m pretty sure she negotiated a lower price than I would have. But, to me, that is small potatoes when you consider the benefits in purchasing the right home for your budget and needs, and the enormous reduction in stress- it was fun!”  John, Sunshine Coast


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