Melissa | First Home Buyer

Melissa is a local professional with a demanding career and little time to devote to the search for her home.  As a first home buyer, she was very careful about who she chose to have on her team to guide her through the process.

“I decided to go with a buyers agent because I was buying my first apartment on my own and really wanted a trusted advisor to walk this journey with me.

I had a negative experience with a real estate agent and was really daunted at the prospect of dealing with more agents.

I enlisted Property Pursuit upon the recommendation of my Finance Broker.

My original price frame was $500k and I wanted a 2 bedroom inner city apartment.

Overall, it took 8 weeks to purchase/settle a property. 4 weeks of searching and 4 weeks of contract.

We seriously looked at 10 properties and maybe another 10 screened online. Property Pursuit’s online log was really good but we did most of our screening of properties via email. It was an even split of properties on and off market.

Lots of communication, regular texts, check ins especially in those first 4 weeks. Looking at my emails, I have over 100 emails back and forth. Expect lots of communication which is really good.

The apartment we purchased was in the high $530ks but my Buyer’s Agent Diana was able to negotiate a $20k reduction in price.

There is a lot that goes into this process and a great deal behind the scenes that a Buyer’s Agent brings. Things I didn’t even realise.

If you see the fee and wonder if it is worth it, your Buyer’s Agent will work hard for you and earn it. If you think you might be interested in having a buyer’s agent, I definitely recommend it! I do recommend Diana.

Things I can recommend for others:

  • Take the time to give feedback on the properties. What you like, what you don’t like.
  • Rapid communication in the early weeks helps especially as your agent is getting a sense of what you are looking for
  • Have your budget and have your “little bit more” budget
  • Go see as many properties as you can with your Buyers Agent. When the right one comes along, you will know it more readily if you have the comparisons

There are different phases to working with a Buyer’s Agent: Scoping what you are looking for, Narrowing in, Negotiating the property, and Settlement. Each has a different pace and tone. It is still a stressful, daunting, and exciting process – but having someone in your corner to ride out the highs and lows is priceless.

I would definitely recommend for first home buyers. If you are going to spend the money, have someone to guide you through and set you up with a great property.”

Melissa, Brisbane


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