Michael B| Local Home Buyer

Review of Property Pursuit Buyer’s Agent, Nathan Wunsch

Written by Michael

I was after a BA that could assess properties from a capital growth perspective and could educate me on how to assess property in regards to location, demographics, lifestyle, amenities, suburb potential  and any other relevant factors.

I researched BAs that operated in the locations that I was initially interested in. I then interviewed a short list of suitable candidates and chose Nathan as he clearly met my criteria.

My initial good  impression of him as a BA and as a person has only improved throughout our property searching journey.

Nathan was very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and did not recommend unsuitable properties to get a quick sale.

We started with an initial set of criteria which evolved as I gained a clearer understanding of the property market and   ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ criteria.  Nathan provided very valuable input to to the evolution of the criteria.

In particular the focus was on estimating the value of the property in regards to existing renovations, possible future repairs and potential future ‘capital growth’ renovations. This estimation was the main factor in determining the value of the property and what price I would be prepared to pay.

Throughout the property search journey of 10 weeks I changed many criteria from locations, property type, budget, house type, cost & types of renovations I would do.
Nathan took all this in his stride and greatly assisted & guided me in this process.
I would not have succeeded in in buying my owner-occupier property which I enjoy living in and has great capital growth potential without Nathan.

What ended up being the final 3 weeks before I purchased my property was the beginning of the COVID-19 restrictions. These restrictions had a significant impacts upon the economy and property market. Significant changes occurred in the property industry.
Such as high percentage of buyers and sellers dropping out of the market, open inspections cancelled, new ways of buying and selling properties.

After investigating the potential impacts and discussions with friends, family & Nathan I decided to keep searching.

This was a key decision that ultimately enabled me to buy a great property that met all my criteria at a great price.

Sales agents were contacting BAs as they knew their clients were committed buyers and it was more efficient to have private inspections with them.

Since Nathan was a highly regarded BA and had good relationships with many sales agents it became a significant advantage to me compared to buyers who did not have a BA.

Nathan assisted me greatly in all aspects of the property searching, assessment, renovations evaluation & advice,  purchase and buying.
No questions went un-answered. If he didn’t have the answer he would find it through research or recommending people who could provide the answer.

As I am a very through and detailed person, Nathan had a LOT of questions thrown at him.
He also provided me with a list of professionals that could help me for any future repairs, renovations  that I may require.

I highly recommend Nathan as a BA and I know it is highly unlikely I would have found a property that met all my property criteria at a great price with minimum stress.

Regards………………Michael B


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