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Tired of sales being held up and contracts failing through?

You know the type, they want to buy, but they’re not sure. They go from one property to the next, appointment after appointment, never really making a decision – a nightmare when you work on commission.

But what if you could tap into a database of buyers that were pre-approved for finance and ready to buy? If you could find buyers that knew what they wanted and could communicate it clearly so that you could find more appropriate houses faster?

Why Work with Buyer’s Agent?

This is the benefit of working closely with a Brisbane buyers agent. Already pre-qualified, pre-approved and educated on the buying process, our buyers know that they want and are ready to get it. What’s more, we don’t take any part of your commission through the buying process – you’ve earned it!

How does it work? Each month (or sometimes a little sooner) we’ll send out our buyer property requirements by email. Then it’s as simple as getting in touch with us when you have a match. To register simply enter your details in the form below and add our email to your contacts to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to sell a listing.

Let’s have a chat about how we can work together, call us today on 1300 726 604.

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