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  • The Brisbane Suburbs Set To Explode In Value In 2019 And Beyond. These little-known ‘sleeper suburbs’ meet our criteria for a huge growth surge in the next 12 months – get the inside scoop and buy before prices skyrocket!
  • The little-known Brisbane hot-spots where you can get your dream home for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.
    (WITHOUT compromising on schools, shops and infrastructure)
  • The ONE thing which slows your property search to a grinding halt.
    You’ll waste months and THOUSANDS of dollars when you don’t tick this box
  • 3 simple negotiation tactics we use to purchase properties WAY under budget.
    These simple yet highly effective tactics have saved our clients MILLIONS over the years!
  • What areas of Brisbane you should avoid like the plague
    (it’s a beautiful place, however like any city it has areas which are slow growing and overpriced)
  • What never EVER to say to a real estate agent at an open for inspection (you instantly give away the game when they hear these little 'tells')
  • How to get early access to newly listed homes, silent sales and off-market properties. You’ll be able to seal the deal before anyone else gets a look in!
  • The common Queensland regulations which trip up interstate buyers and cost them THOUSANDS. Find out what you need to look out for to stay compliant and avoid needless fines
  • 3 pre-purchase inspections which could save you from buying a ‘money-pit’ property. A home might look good on the outside but these checks can expose your ‘bargain’ as the lemon it truly is!
  • How to get the same access to dream homes and investment properties as Australia’s elite. You’ll know how to find deals usually reserved for famous athletes and public figures
  • How to SLASH the time and effort you spend searching for your dream property. It takes 200 hours on average to find your home – get multiple properties served to you on a silver platter instead!
  • Why the common property buying advice you hear is costing you money (you simply can’t afford to listen to mainstream media, your friends or anyone who isn’t an expert in the area your buying)
  • Our Brisbane real-estate prediction and the simple reason you should consider getting in NOW. This isn’t financial advice – just an opinion on the Brisbane market from a 20-year real estate expert.

HOSTED BY Meighan Hetherington
Founder of Brisbane’s #1 Buyer’s Agency – ‘Property Pursuit’

Meighan is the founder on Property Pursuit and is a 3-time winner of the coveted ‘Buyer’s Agent of the Year’ award. She is a highly sought-after information source for the Australian real estate media and has been asked by none other than REIQ to help develop training for acting as a Buyer’s Agent.

She and her agency, Property Pursuit, have purchased more than 600 Brisbane properties totaling $433M+ in value over the past 20 years.

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