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R eturning home to Australia, even if it has only been a few short years, can be quite a transition. With rapid development to cater for the growing Australian population, house prices, amenities and suburb demand can change significantly, leaving you unsure what areas, prices and houses will really suit your needs.

When you need to organise housing while still overseas, you can end up relying on the views and opinions of friends and family or worse – a sales agent who will only show you the properties they are listing and are motivated to get the sellers what they want, not you.

This is where Property Pursuit can help. As your Brisbane buyers agents, we source appropriate properties in according to your needs, attend property viewings and negotiate and bid on your behalf at auctions, so you don’t miss an opportunity to get the right home at the right price. Our expat specialist, Diana Edwards, found herself in the same position after spending nearly 20 years overseas and now helps Australians confidently find and purchase their piece of Brisbane.

With complete transparency and proactive communication, you are informed every step of the way, allowing you to feel at ease through the entire property purchase process despite not being in the country.

Providing you with additional support to make your move back home as straightforward and stress-free as possible, we help you organise the logistics of moving and provide you with information on schools, universities, clubs and sporting groups, public transport, shopping centres and leisure activities. We also share our extensive network of expert professionals including loan specialists, accountants and lawyers to ensure you settle in quickly and feel right at home.

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