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W elcome to our landlord section! Here you will find your Owner Portal, as well as policies, fact sheets and key information on inspections, maintenance, storm and emergency repair.

Owner Portal Login

Your PropertyMe account gives you access to the financial status of all your properties, activity summaries for jobs and inspections, photos of your property and historical statements and bills.

Fact Sheets

There’s a lot you need to know when renting out your property, but we’ve made it easier through a series of fact sheets outlining our policies and your rights and responsibilities as a landlord. These fact sheets will be updated regularly so be sure to come back and check this area for more information.


Routine inspections are done four times a year on our premium service and twice a year on our basic service to ensure your property is kept in good condition and address maintenance. After each inspection, you will receive a detailed report including photos of your property with a list of any maintenance items that need to be addressed.

If there are any concerns regarding the way the property is being kept, we will then follow the Tenant Rectification Process


When your tenant reports a maintenance issue, we will investigate the reported concerns then notify you (in writing), outlining the issue and the action we recommend. Once you have confirmed the action you want to take, and have given authorisation for us to act on your behalf, we will send out a work order to the relevant tradesperson who will then contact your tenant to arrange a suitable time to carry out the work needed.

Once complete we will notify you and include the invoice for services rendered for your records. Payment for any minor repairs will come out of your rental income. If it’s found that the tenant is responsible for the damage, whether accidentally or maliciously, the tenant will be responsible for payment of the repair.

Storm and emergency repair information

In the event of emergency repair, the tenants are first advised to contact the SES to ensure that the property is protected from further damage.  We will then assess the damage, discuss with you the right path forward and manage the tradesmen while rectification works are completed.  If an insurance claim is required we will coordinate that process on your behalf.

At Property Pursuit we take our role of safekeeping your most valuable assets seriously.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on
1300 726 604.