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T he brief was straight forward and very clear: find us a home in a family oriented area that we can rent out for a few years and then come home and do an extensive renovation to create our dream home.
The search area was narrowed down to 5 key suburbs. After several ‘Skype inspections’, numerous photos and videos the decision was to proceed to the auction of a modest home in the Ashgrove ‘Avenues’. The bidding was fierce and in a hotly contested auction we secured the property for $55,000 less than their maximum budget.
PP have since managed a renovation and managed the rental of the property. We cannot wait to see what Paul and Sheryl do to the home when they return.

Purchased August 2015
List price Auction
Appraisal $930,000
Price $875,000
Location Ashgrove
Saving off Appraisal $55,000

Having purchased my second investment using Property Pursuit’s full service offering I cannot say enough about Jason and Meighan’s company. The Property Pursuit team have consistently demonstrated their expertise of the Brisbane market and add value at every stage of the process. If you are sourcing a full service (identify, negotiate, purchase, renovate and rent) property management company, look no further!

Paul and Sheryl

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