Why Property Pursuit

Why Choose Us

W ondering how a Property Pursuit buyers agent can help you through your property journey? Here are the reasons why our clients keep coming back as they upgrade, relocate or expand their investment portfolios.

Have a property expert in your corner

B uying a family home or investment property is something that most people do only a few times in their lifetime. Yet you’re expected to come up against real estate agents who are trained and have years of experience getting the highest price for their sellers.

In Queensland, the traditional real estate agent must represent their client’s interest, and their client is always the seller. This means they rarely have your best interests at heart and often do not have the time to dedicate to looking after your needs.

For this reason, it can be hard to know what information to trust through the negotiation and purchase of a property, as both the property owner and real estate agent are motivated to sell. As your Brisbane buyers agent, we work exclusively for you and provide independent advice that looks out for your interests throughout the purchase of the property.

Why choose Property Pursuit

Save time and avoid disappointment

Buying a new property can be an incredibly exciting time. But as the days of searching and viewing turn into months, and the disappointment of having properties not meet your expectations or budget grows, you can start to feel disillusioned by the whole process.

Couple this with busy work schedules and family commitments that can prevent you from acting quickly, and you add in the frustration of hearing “sorry, it’s under contract” on repeat.

Just as a mortgage broker saves you time by searching through hundreds of loans to find the one that meets your requirements, we too save you time by doing the same with properties. As your Brisbane buyers agents, we help maintain excitement through your property purchase by doing the searching and comparing for you, so the time you do spend pays off.

Find out about properties not on the market

As a buyer acting on your own, your property search is limited to the properties that are advertised for sale and your ability and availability to search. This can mean that key properties that fit your criteria are being missed or sold under your nose without you realising.

With extensive knowledge of the Brisbane property market, we use our insider knowledge and contacts to find the hidden listings that aren’t advertised to the public to widen our search. This ensures that you’re among the first to know when a property hits the market to prevent you from missing the home you want.

Have a property advocate for your entire property journey

When you engage Property Pursuit, you don’t just get a Brisbane buyers agent who will help you find the right home; you get a property advocate who will be with you through the entire lifecycle of your property – whether you’re buying or selling your home, or managing your investment property.

Gain greater peace of mind through detailed due diligence

As members of Property Investment Professionals Association of Australia and experienced buyers agents, investors and property professionals, the Property Pursuit team also know how important research and due diligence are to finding the right home – and having the sleep at night factor!

That is why we have an in-depth assessment that is conducted on every property we present to, covering 36 investment fundamentals that identify and qualify high performing properties. This takes the guesswork out of buying and investing and gives greater peace of mind through the purchase process.

Protect your privacy and keep your identity hidden

We understand that sometimes through the buying process greater confidentiality is needed. Respecting your privacy, we can assist you with keeping your identity hidden to remain anonymous through the buying process. You can find out more about how we do this under anonymous buyers.

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